Monday, March 28, 2011

Deeper Meaning...

Deeper meaning, a relationship with your Creator, God, the Universe What ever your spiritual or religious beliefs may Rising to the top or Hitting rock bottom He is with you Only when you realize this Will you become full No longer filling that bottomless void with sex knowing deep down it has yet to meet your needs Find your Faith Believe in It In Yourself Filling that space with so much more than temporary satisfaction...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

*^*^*^ Spring Has Sprung *^*^*^*^*^

So Spring is finally here. Ahhhhha :o)
    What a beautiful opportunity to redirect the energy that no longer serves us... A chance to clean out  the old and start a fresh. Ahhhha ;0)

Know Thy Self

Three fertility signs vital to ovulating women are:
                        1.      Waking temperature
                        2.      Cervical fluid
                        3.      Cervical position

Today's Topic: Waking Body Temperature/ Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

Charting BBT is not only for women who are trying to become pregnant, it is also an important tool for women who want to prevent unplanned pregnancies, and  or women who just want to be knowlegable about their bodies own inner widsom cycles.
     A women's pre-ovulatory temperature typically ranges from 97.0 to  97.5 degrees farenheit, with a post ovulatory temberature rising about 97.6 to 98.6. After ovulation  temperatures will stay elevated  until their next period, about 12 to 16 days later.
     A rise in waking temperature suggests that ovulation has occurred. Pre-ovulatory temperatures during the follicular phase are suppressed by estrogen and postovulatory temperatures  during the luteal phase are induced by progesterone. The progesterone phase of the cycle is where the body acts as a human incubator in order to nurture the egg which may have been fertilized.
     There are numerous things that can delay ovulation like stress, travel, illness, medication, strenuous exercise and sudden weight change. If you are serious about charting, the waking body temperature should be taken at the same time everyday with a sub-lingual thermometer.   
     However, just charting your temperature won't tell you everything you need to know, that is why getting to know you cervical mucus is so important. So set your alarm clocks and stay committed ans stay tuned. Peace.

BBT Chart 1: Notice the temperature rising on day 19 which mean ovulation occurred on day 18.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Be a Great Bender...

              Avatar...the last great bender of Water, Earth, Fire and Air.

       A keen mastery of the exterior, with a quest to save the World from doom and destruction is very admirable, yet how do we master the the art of saving ourselves from ourselves? How do we bend the mind? The greatest element of entertainment, distraction and often destruction within us.   
       Great Mind benders have control of self, awareness for their shortcomings, no expectations, and a fearlessness of the unknowing. They become truly fit through hour of meditation and observation of not only the exterior but also the interior.
       Here are a few fun ways to tame the mind: cold showers, saying "I love myself" 1,000 times, looking and listening things in nature... I bid to all Happy Bending! Have a beautiful Day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

@@Throught the I's of a Child @@

5 yr old boy swings - "Mommy push me my knees are hurting"
3 yr old girl swings- "Mommy I go higher, mommy knee's don't hurt!"
5 yr old boy swings ~ silence as he continues to pump without mention of pain~

Ode to The Giving Cherry Blossom Tree

“Oh Cherry Blossom, Cherry Blossom how do
  your Cherry’s Blossom”?
-By waiting, waiting and waiting patiently of
“But I can’t wait so long for something so
  beautiful so sweet”
-Well then your sweet may turn to bitter   
  and your beauty smitter.
“Oh Cherry Blossom, Cherry Blossom I     
  cannot wait!”
-I suggest to do my child for these petals you see are the commitment and the dedication of the water, the sunlight, and the nutrients from the sky above and the earth below. Humility I have for a process not of my own, adoration within me for what is to come and a constant reverence every step of the way.
“Oh Cherry Blossom such inspiration you have given me! I know now the answer is to un-attach from these stifling feelings, which in turn becomes the escape out of suffering into a world of bliss and true purpose. Just as a tree never attached itself to the seasons of old nor the plethora of blossoms that which took 365 days of slow tender love and affection to reach plenitude.  Only to be rooted in inner truth and purpose many generations over…Oh Cherry Blossom tree how I strive to be that great”.